Terms & Conditions

This document constitutes a contract ("Contract") specifying the terms and conditions for utilising the website Salenow.co.uk ("Website"), which includes its services and any associated products.

The Contract is established between the User ("User") visiting the Website and Salenow.co.uk ("SaleNow").

By navigating or operating the Website, you signify your understanding and agreement to be legally bound by this Contract. If you disagree with this Contract, you are required to discontinue using the Website immediately.

The Website

To support the operational expenses of the Website, we may establish partnerships with retailers showcased on the Website. These retailers might compensate us with a commission for any sales we facilitate.

Our Role

SaleNow does not act as the vendor or provider of any of the goods or services highlighted on the Website. Therefore, we do not carry any legal responsibilities that sellers of any products or services highlighted on the Website may have.

This also implies we have no authority over or accountability for the standards, regulations, or legality of the goods or services obtainable from retailers displayed on the Website. Users engaging with the Website should exercise the same level of caution when transacting with retailers as they would when transacting elsewhere.

We strive to offer accurate, up-to-the-minute information at all times. We do not assure to consistently represent accurately the specifics or intents of an offer from a third party displayed on the Website, nor do we claim any affiliation with those third parties.

When you visit a third party via the Website, you should not rely solely on the content provided by SaleNow. Please read and depend on the information supplied directly by the third party, always remembering to thoroughly review the fine print of any deal or promotion with the third party directly.


We reserve the authority to suspend or terminate any SaleNow member's account if, in our opinion, the member seems to violate any part of this Contract.

Each member bears the responsibility to ensure that:

  • You agree that any information you furnish about yourself to SaleNow will always be correct, precise, and current.
  • If you wish to access or transfer any information or services provided by SaleNow, you agree to do so in conformity with the General Data Privacy Regulation and any pertinent law, regulation, or generally accepted practice in your jurisdiction.
  • You agree not to access any of the information supplied by SaleNow by any means other than through the various interfaces provided by SaleNow and the Website.
  • You agree not to access the Website through any automated means, including but not restricted to, the use of automated coding scripts, website scrapers, or website crawlers except for the purpose of search engine crawling.
  • You agree that you will refrain from any activity that might interfere with or disrupt the web servers hosting the Website and any networks connected thereto.

Reporting an infringement of your copyright

Only the copyright owner or their authorised delegate can submit a report of copyright violation. If you believe content has been posted to our platform that breaches your copyright, please contact us via our Contact page for further investigation.

Changes to the Contract

Please note that the Contract may change from time to time. If it does, we'll post the updated version on the Website.