About us

Salenow.co.uk is the leading product finder website in the UK, established in 2023. Our primary goal is to provide consumers with the best sale products available at the present time. We take pride in assisting people in making informed decisions and saving a significant amount of money throughout the year.

One of our unique features is the ability to compare prices, including shipping, from foreign countries. We exclusively feature retailers that deliver to the UK, giving you a comprehensive view of all available options. With 15.4 million visits per month across all countries, we have become a trusted destination for savvy shoppers.

We take product evaluation seriously, conducting professional tests on 1,300 products in 150 different categories. From treadmills to prams, we provide unbiased and detailed assessments to help you make informed choices. Additionally, our platform features over 150,000 recent user reviews of products and retailers, further enhancing your shopping experience.

Our team consists of some ambitious individuals dedicated to developing the best comparison shopping service. As a completely independent entity, we are not influenced by manufacturers, retailers, or any other organization with a potential bias. Our sole focus is to help consumers find better products and better prices.

At Salenow.co.uk, our vision is to be the trusted and credible source that consumers can always rely on when comparing products online. We find the e-commerce industry to be extremely exciting, and our mission is to empower shoppers to make smarter decisions.

Join us on Salenow.co.uk today and experience the thrill of finding the best deals while saving money on your favorite products!